Why write a prepare the book?

Many significant and of great painters, has not previously been recognized. Not support, sales, and to exhibit around the world. Today we know many of them in world galleries. Why after the death of them that publicity? I have gone through my 51 years of life, the art of painting over 28 years. Life bring me sweet, salty, bitter but delicious moments. It mainly is a paintings that I created. You’ll be interested to view pictures of the paintings and read?

I believe in good cooperation with writer Les Johnson. He prepares and writes a story about me. He is experienced and knows publishers who are interested in publishing the book. His page on the books which he wrote: look here

What acceptance will get the book? It’s up to you to support our efforts. Waiting for your feedback and comments. Thank you for your time.

My paintings look at 3D gallery + videos


What do you think?

Written by Paul Pulszartti