Work in Progress-Spirit Doll

Right now I am working on the face for an art doll.

I am sculpting the face with white Sculpey polymer clay. It looks like an alien now, but in a few days it will look like a real human face. I didn’t use any molds for this spirit doll face. After it is cured, I will paint with acrylics.

When the face is done, I will attach to a body of wood for armature and then wrap with silk fabric I have already chosen for this doll. I may add beads or other small adornments. I am not sure on that part yet.

I have made several dolls in the past, but I have no pictures at the moment. I will post again when she is finished.

I have yet to choose a name for her, I will do that after she is finished. Then I can choose an appropriate name. I usually wait until a project is finished before titling or naming. Although sometimes I have an idea beforehand. Usually I just see where it takes me.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild