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Another feather

up against my window

What does it mean?

I look to the clouds

Paper to quill

If it’s yours,

Then let it be my will…

The pledge of a promise

Like a ribbon in the sky

There’s a rainbow after the rain,

With love writers write

We look at the world

through objective eyes,

Most of the same kind

wish to hear only about the joys

A very selected few 

want hear the truth 

And all about it’s pain,

With love

Here I go again…

I must have loved

a time or two maybe more

Perhaps I’ve written about

a thousand times before,

That one

When I told her

that I’m in love with her

She said to me ‘nay,’

“You’re more in love with love

 than with me,

Like a passing shower

You get caught up 

in the moment,


Into me you see,

You make it beautiful

You love with vibration

With every fibre of your being

A depth to a height

that is out of this world,

Your passion 

is a storm inside of rain

that no ordinary lover can contain,

You’re joy after the pain

Pain after joy oh boy

Until your sunshine 

comes back again”…

‘In love with the moment’

That’s what she said,

I guess I must be in love,

With love…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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