White Rabbit & White Dove are Key to Happiness

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Last night, I went on Photoshop to add my copyright information on a couple of my photographs. I only did seven photographs. But I have more to do. I think I will do it on a daily basis, as I decide which photos I plan to use for certain blog posts, unless I am bored and I want to sit for hours doing many photos, which is quite tiring and tedious.

This photograph is a picture I had enlarged at the photo meetup. My interpretation of my photo is different from the obvious Easter picture. I notice dark symbolism behind this scene. The White Rabbit, sits by the yellow cage, like a guard, probably hold the key to unlock the cage and let the White Dove fly free. The White Dove, a symbol of peace and love, obviously wants to be free.

The truth and key is with the White Rabbit, and following it into the rabbit hole of twisted darkness, like Alice in Wonderland did. And, This “Wonderland” is like the Media Circus,” feeding the world with lies, stories, BS, and distraction to keep its viewers from the truth.

Once you follow the White Rabbit to the truth, the “truth will set you free,” and you will be able to get the key from the White Rabbit and unlock the birdcage, allowing the White Dove to fly free, spreading peace and love worldwide.

The symbolism of the “yellow egg” pointing downwards is similar to the golden egg symbolism which has to do with being patient,¬†daily preserverance, and performing care and maintenance in your daily life and work. And, this care and maintenance might also include a need to be subservient and mindful to God’s Plan for you with daily prayers and communications with God.

Furthermore, this scene is situated in a lovely spring garden, which could be the Garden of Eden, but the Tree of Knowledge is missing. As you take a closer look at this scene, you will notice it looks pretty and colorful at first glance with a cute white bunny and a sweet white dove. Even the birdcage looks pretty. But don’t forget that “birdcage” is an Illuminati symbolism for being a controlled slave as well as being captured and imprisoned as a mind control slave. Therefore, there is always dark hidden secrets lurking behind the pretty and colorful cover.

To Be Continued…


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