Wear It Proud

I want so much for Little Miss, I want her to wear her faith with pride, to embrace her unique individuality and to understand that there is evil in the world but to look for the good as well.

Wear your faith proud
In all you do,
Don’t let others get
To you
Believe in yourself
Let your dreams soar
Time passes in the blink of
An eye
And eight becomes sixteen,
And then twenty five.

Be an individual
Don’t  try to fit
Into a box
You are unique
One of a kind.
God created you
To be an individual
Wear it with pride.

Be silly and be fun
Understand there is evil in
The world but see the good to.
Don’t live life recklessly
But don’t live it in a protective
Box either.

Be creative
Be unique
Show the world
Just who you are
And wear it with pride
That unique individuality
That makes you, you.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell


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