Watching Her Fly Away (Artwork)

Hello everybody,

Today I want to share another art piece that I have made with you all.

This art piece is one that I designed using my favorite art program called Gimp. I am sure that most who see this know what Gimp is (if you don’t it is a free image manipulation program).

I started this piece by making the gradient background. Then, I overlayed that with some “stars” to make it look like the piece takes place in the sky.  After that, I added the black “silhouette” pieces –the land, tree, and people–.

I intended the design to look like the guy is watching the girl fly away from him.  That is somewhat sad, but I did not give the background a dark look like I normally would with a sad feeling art design.

What do you all think of this art piece? Do you like it? Why or why not?  Would you change anything?  I would love to know your thoughts on the art piece.


What do you think?