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Venus of Willendorf – WIP

so I like this iconic little statue, it represents an earth mother to me. I thought it would be cool if my geomancer could summon up an effigy of Gaia to help her in a fight. but so many different surfaces…

#1 jyu

this one looks like it has been lacquered

4 points

#2 go

has an almost terra cotta look

3 points

#3 roku

this also looks like clay

3 points

#4 ichi

a bit too yellow for my taste

2 points

#5 ni

this looks like stone

2 points

#6 san

this could be made of clay

2 points

#7 shi

rough stone

2 points

#8 nana

this one looks unfortunate

2 points

#9 hachi

looks like red clay or something

2 points

#10 kyu

hahaha what is that globe doing?

2 points

What do you think?

7 points


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