Various ways of decorating the borders of a paper sheet?

Well, there is a number of methods of decorating borders of a sheet of paper. You can draw something on the borders and highlight it with some markers or sketch pens.  You can even paint it with watercolours.  It all depends on the materials available to you.  Now let’s try out something new.  Make a list of the materials required to do this task:

  • A4 size paper- white or coloured as per your choice
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • And a set of colourful glitter glues


  • Take a sheet of paper says A4 size paper.  You can choose any coloured paper with the said measurement.  A coloured paper will make the task more interesting. So, let’s take some light-coloured paper say light green or any other available light colour.  You can decorate borders of any size of your choice. A4 size is mentioned for convenience only.
  • Mark 1 inch or all four sides of the A4 size paper using pencil and scale.
  • Now draws lines on these markings.  So, you will get box type structure below the edges of the sheet.
  • Always use a contrast colour depending on your A4 size paper colour.
  • There are two ways of decorating:
  • Method1: Either apply the coloured glitter sparly glue above the margins drawn by you (i.e., in the area between the edge of the sheet and the margins drawn by you) on all four sides and let it dry. Suppose you are using a light colour, try using dark colour glitter glue and if you are using dark coloured A4 size paper, then using silver or gold coloured glitter glue is ideal.
  • Method 2: Make a small border drawing of your choice in the area above the margins drawn by you.  Once the drawing is done all the four sides, choose appropriate coloured glitter glues and fill the drawing wherever necessary. Now let it dry.

Now your borders are decorated as desired.  You can make use of these decorated sheets for your projects- either for writing, drawings or making greeting cards.  You can even paste a photo of your choice in this decorated sheet. How you make use of this decorative sheet depends on your imagination. Not only this, you can make of glitter glue to add extra effect on your fabrics, your ceramic cups, glass window, tiles etc.

You can also try decorating your plywood on the cupboards. A piece of advice, always practice using glitter glue on paper first and then try it on other articles because once this glitter glue sticks to the surface of the article such as fabric or ceramic cups, glass or tiles, it is hard to remove or clean whatever art you have done.  Experts advise not to waste paper, but in case if you do it on paper first, and by chance, there is a mistake, you can use a number of papers until you master using glitter glue. Erasing glitter glue is as tough as anything else even on paper but practicing on paper is much cheaper than on any other material.  The above-said activity can be done on cardboard of your desired size.  Glitter glue looks good even on cardboard.  Like said before, it all depends on your budget.

But before that do you what glitter glue is? 

Glitter glue is a combination of glitters and glue. The art of decorating with glitters is known from ancient days.  Glitters are nothing but small particles of colourful reflective materials which may of various shapes depending on choice.  Normally, these particles are grounded into minute particles so that they don’t harm anyone using them.  First glue was applied to the required area and then desired glitters were stuck in that area.  It was really a fussy activity in those days, and only artisans who were good in this sort of work attempted to use this glitter. But now the time has changed.  There has been made innovations for the betterment of life today.  Now we find glitter glue- a ready-made combination of glitter and glue which can be used by anyone and everyone.  Especially it has become a favorite craft material used by every child above the age of 6 years.  Children enjoy using glitter glues as it is easy to decorate and comparatively less harmful than any other craft material.  In spite of its benefits, it is always advisable to take adult’s guidance and support while using this glitter glues because unknowingly if the child consumes this glitter glue, it may affect his/her health.

We can find glitter glue in various colours which are very much available in the market.  Nowadays, washable glitter glues are also available in the market.  The innovation of glitter glue has really encouraged a child to do something new, and since it is available at a reasonable price, it is affordable for almost everyone.

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