After counting out the phony ones

Drifting on a frosty sea

I thought that I was the only 1,

Then came you…

From a distance

The image was like a silhouette

An oasis trapped in time,

Couldn’t get it out of my mind

Sure and unsure at the same time

I thought it was a figment…

Hoping on something kosher

Curiosity had me on ‘don’t ya’

Step by step closer

More I came to realize

There’s way much more

than meets the eyes…

Your eyes ooh your eyes

I remember your eyes,

I remember the time

Before the words made rhyme

Deep in my sleep

When my eyes were closed

I saw you in my dream…

Now standing face to face

Don’t it feel

like an amazing time and space…

Flowing and glowing

Tho at the same time

knowing and not knowing

Understanding not demanding

How could we have known,

It would take a certain kinda figure

to trigger onto something bigger

At the sound of thunder

lightening struck the ice

for the waters to be parted

Deeper into deep

Sweeter than sweet

Incomplete now with feet

The puzzle was far from,

Until you…

Copyright © 2017         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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