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Unearth a Book

In my series encouraging children to read I used my grandnephew as a model. This one turned out a little dark. I didn’t lighten it up because I wanted the flash of light from the book to glow brightly.

This series is my attempt to create fantasy images to encourage children to pick up a book. I am so distressed by the apathy these days with children reading. Especially the boys are reluctant to plow through a long book. It’s just so easy to wait for the movie, but books are so vital to the development of vocabulary, critical thinking and brain development. I’m trying to do my part to get books into the minds and hearts of children.  What do you think? Do you have an image idea you think would work for this series?


What do you think?

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Written by Paintdrips


  1. I agree with you that books are becoming passe for kids. I used to read to my kids every night before they went to bed. I have a whole shelf of children’t picture books that are now just sitting there. Well, now they are all older, but now they want to watch movies on their phones all the time.

    Show a picture of a kid with a book. And then have a movie sprouting from the head of the child.