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trying on different hats

I don’t like hats. Not just on me, on anyone. It is like you meet someone with a weird head and then they take it off and you realize they were wearing a hat the whole time. That’s why I don’t like hats…

But seriously, this is my corsair trying on a few different hats. You should know by now what happens next…

#1 classic pirate hat

I'd have to tweak the surfaces a bit but this one is good to go

7 points

#2 bicorn

not wild about the trim, but otherwise okay

6 points
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#3 nuther tricorn

gets some interesting shadows on the face, which the hair would most likely spoil. and then the materials aren't really working

6 points
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#4 original tricorn

this is the tricorn hat from the previous installment, now in context...

6 points

What do you think?

18 points


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