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Triumph of the Will

I don’t know if any of you bother reading what I write or if you’re just here to look at the rough sketches, but if you do actually read the descriptions then you’ve doubtless heard me lament my lack of control over the light settings of the new engine that I use…

Great news for chess fans! Late last week I finally cracked the Iray code and now I can light my work properly. Which is not to say that I enjoy the mastery that I had in 3DL or Lux. At least not yet but I now have a handle on the lighting system that has been eluding me all this time

There remains a long road ahead before I can aproach my former level of expertise but at least now I know which direction to go, so it is an exciting time for me. The new year should hold many exciting developments in my style, tanoshimi ni shite kudasai…

#1 the breakthrough

This piece just so happened to be the one I made the breakthrough on, so even though it is nothing special, it does have the rimlighiting and high contrast lighting that I have been longing for which is a big deal for me

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#2 front view

Her outfit has some really cool boots that you couldn't see in the other piece and I wanted to play with the lighting some more so I did a test render for the boots themselves. I don't mean to imply that any of you have a foot fetish (not that there is anything wrong with it) but if you do then this is probably a very exciting piece for you, if that's your sort of thing...

#3 rear view

Here is a better view of the blades; once again, I don't want to accuse anyone of having a boot fetish but just in case you did then you might find this piece arousing. Otherwise, you probably won't think much of this image unless you're really into cool rimlights


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