A TRAIN comes with Poems past my Knee


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A train comes

with poems

past my Knee

to my Desk

to my HEAD

COLOR a poem

Bright blue green & Red

Wind blow to Tree

the Sea and Me

The poems fit in Books

endless colors and Looks

the poems grow

in the Mountains

fountains and Brooks

Some fly in a Cloud

Please read them Aloud

and love them

from below or Above them

Creation is Proud

that the sky is

so open  humans sing

songs sad and happy

make their own music

learn to love out Loud


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

POEMS from Earth:
Scot Irish Czech BARD Hush little Humans-Don't U CRY Earth sings U a Lullaby Born HOUSTN TX Age 80 GEM Pic1985 Rear Apt 2227 South ST

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