Tom Turkey Learns About Human Kindness



Tom Turkey was a fat, waddling turkey who was a great help to Farmer Jones. He’d been spared and had seen many Thanksgivings come and go. He had many chores and duties on the farm and he was proud of it all. Each morning when the rooster crowed Tom would hurry into the hen coop to see how many eggs there were for the farmhouse breakfast. Then he’d wait until the milking was done and when he gobbled the cows would hurry out into the fields and in the evening he’d gobble them back home. During the day he’d make rounds of all of the animals and enjoyed sitting by the river that ran by. In other words Tom Turkey had everything he could want except for a good friend and a family. Oh, the other animals were kind enough and they all loved Tom but well it just wasn’t the same.

Unusual Happenings

Came September and interesting things began to happen. One day a car arrived with five people who got out and Farmer Jones came to greet them. He then called to Tom who nervously waddled and gobbled on over. Now Tom was mighty nervous and he couldn’t help gobbling and prancing about and all the people seemed delighted. Then they went into the farmhouse and Tom was left wondering what that was all about. He had a nagging feeling and hoped he was wrong but he wondered, just wondered if perhaps this was the Thanksgiving he might be sold. Soon lots of farmhands and other workers began arriving and they began building animal pens and other buildings. Farmer Jones received new animals daily. They had never had ducks and geese and to Tom’s delight a wonderful family of sheep. He was kept busy running about making sure all the new animals were settling in and getting to know one another. Soon signs began showing up on the pens and it appeared that a pond was being dug for the ducks and geese. Time passed and fall arrived and the days started to grow shorter. Tom was still wondering about those people and was still nervous as Thanksgiving grew closer. Farmer Jones did stop by to give him a smile and say good work Tom, good work. With Tom around everyone was happy, content and accounted for.

More Worries

Then suddenly it was but two days before Thanksgiving and Tom knew that Farmer Jones and his wife always drove to the city market to do their Thanksgiving shopping. Soon their children and grandchildren would arrive. Tom always enjoyed this time as all the children took pleasure in the animals and they loved the attention given. However no one was going to market and Tom became worried. Would it really be that he had outlived his worth that this was going to be a different Thanksgiving. Tom was so worried and full of himself that he went into the barn and settled down early the evening before Thanksgiving Day. He couldn’t sleep and he couldn’t find any peace so he went walking a bit in the woods surrounding the farm. He didn’t see Farmer Jones returning with all the packages and he didn’t see his wife helping to bring everything into the farmhouse. So when he finally fell asleep in the hay he had bad dreams indeed.


Came Thanksgiving morning and Tom hurried out into the barnyard. He saw the workers setting up an arch at the head of the farmyard drive. He waddled on down to see what was up and saw a sign that said Petting Zoo. Tom stood there and thought about it and now he wasn’t the smartest turkey but he just knew that this was something good. Suddenly a car and a pickup truck came barreling along the road and turned into the farmyard almost running over Tom. He jumped to one side just in time. He saw a large crate sitting in the pickup truck and the same five people getting out of the car that had been there in September. Then Tom started to shake with fright. Farmer Jones had all these other animals so he must have sold him. That crate was for him and tonight he’d be on a platter. While all this was going through his head Farmer Jones and his wife were greeting everyone. It was then that Farmer Jones called Tom over. He waddled and he gobbled and he shook with fright. They surrounded Tom and applauded as he pranced about. He was just nervous there was nothing else he could do. Then two men got out of the pickup truck and lifted that great big crate to the ground. Farmer Jones went on over and pried it open.

Tom’s Surprise

He turned to Tom and said this is a surprise for you my turkey friend. The two men lifted something out of the crate. There stood the most beautiful female turkey Tom had ever seen. Farmer Jones and his wife laughed and said to everyone that perhaps they should call her Tomasina. Tom waddled on over to greet her and offered to show her the barnyard. All the people watched in satisfaction as they set off and everyone went into the farmhouse while the two men in the pickup drove off. By late afternoon Tom and Tomasina were fast friends and they watched the children and grandchildren arrive. It was a very busy and exciting Thanksgiving. Tom was sorry that he had mistrusted Farmer Jones but knew he had no way of telling him that. As winter settled in Tom and Tomasina had their own rather large house which simply proclaimed”The Turkey House”. Finally spring came once again and it was time for the opening of the Petting Zoo. Tom, Tomasina and their two sons and daughter waddled on down the drive in the warm spring sun to greet the very first visitors. Unknowingly Tom Turkey had met up with human kindness and he was one lucky turkey indeed.



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