Love ItLove It

Then again where did we start?

If I saw what you saw

would I still be me?

Or would I

some merger

some amalgamation of


and I

to make perhaps

a Centaur

or a millipede?

Would I be less of me?

Or in fact with ear cupped against the window

to hear what you are seeing

could I be more of me?

Would you then

take my tea

and remind me again of where we started?


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • There are times when I worry about being me. I wonder if in fact, I can be what and who I am time and time again. I live, like many of us, in a world that moves around me very rapidly. Sometimes the moments that are me slip away.

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