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The Wishing Well

I took this photo when I visited Albay Park and Wildlife which is just a few blocks away from our home. Many people would come to the place during weekends to spend time with their family. They would usually bring their own food and would have a picnic under the trees.

The wishing well was placed on a certain side of the park. It caught my attention and tried to drop some coins and made a wish.

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Written by Sharon Lopez

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The Wishing Well

When my now twenty year old niece was three I use to take her to Church with me, always carrying extra coins for her to toss into the Wishing fountain.

The challenge that I found on another site I belong to was to start the poem with She tossed the coin into wishing well for all to see.

She tossed the coin into wishing well for all to see.
Three year old sticky hands carrying the faith of a child
And Innocent dreams.

She wore her Sunday best
A little ruffled dress
And a childhish smile
As she laughed with glee
Watching the coins gleam
In the water.

She tossed the coin into the wishing well for all to see
And smiled at me as she said
I am sending my wishes to Heaven
For Jesus to see.

I smiled at her as she threw
More pennies in
Said she had a lot of dreams
To send.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

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