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the trouble with Tribbles – POC

I have been promising myself and even some of you that I’d be playing around with the new particle engine, since I’ve been wanting native hair effects for years now. By now you should know tests are performed on primitives and usually spheres…

#1 3.5

this is just a sphere which was compressed on the Y axis, because this is going to give me better results than a purely spherical object

#2 8

at this point I should've realized that if 8 was too sparse, then 16 would likewise be too sparse, but...

#3 16

this might actually be a workable setting, if the base texture supports it...

#4 32

the base is pretty much entirely obscured now, but at a high cost

#5 final

even with a more expensive solution, the base isn't entirely obscured. but this was an invaluable learning experience for me, and I hope you enjoyed it as well...


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