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If there was such place where

Just by snapping of the fingers

The reality would be

No cosmic confusion

No bittersweet delusions

But out of wishes dreams came true…

Far, far away

In a clever-ever land

There’s the rising of a Casablanca moon

Soon an effervescent dawn would yawn

In a chocolate world made for chocolate hearts

like you and like me

There’d be a currency of golden honey

Cobble streets of Toblerone

paved with wrappings of silver linings

Walls be cladded with Nougatelli cookies

against sidewalks of Turkish delights

Upon fields of green mint confetti

We’ll toast to a dream by sipping on Amarula Cream…

And where the water falls

we bathe in pools of coconut milk

Later ride upon the waves

of a Tropicana Orange river

And for your skin in case you quiver

I’ll wrap you up in a garment

of priceless cashmere silk…

To a chocolate girl in a chocolate world

We wine and dine for diner

Feeding off the smoothest squares of Lindt

Up and close set like a flint

we’d slow dance to the perfume of you

Then after play the night will say

‘Cushy comfort nighty-nite

Lay your head upon the pillows’…

If such a place existed

inside of you, inside of me

Right upon to your chocolate heart

My head will find

the sweetest place of destiny…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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