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The second step of FACTORY TOUR.

This year we celebrate the 90th birthday of the founder of the arts direction of pop-art Andy Warhol. He went to the supermarket and did not come back. Warhol was an artist who changed the visual view of the 20th century world. He was a great inspiration and his legacy is still alive today. The thirty artists and photographers who approached Gallery 1 decided to give him tribute to his work. The second step is exhibition in the Czech republic moravian city Valašské Meziříčí  Chateau Žerotínů in the gallery:  Museum & Gallery Center. The date of the joint exhibition was on hot summer days 19.6.2018 – 2.9.2018 in the beautiful spaces of the castle gallery.

The exhibition was supplemented with artifacts from AW workshop (granolithography, gramophone records, posters, books, decorative items).

A commented tour of the exhibition with her curator Miroslav Houška took place on Tuesday 7 August at 7 pm.

I am glad that my painting has become part of this artistic project: honors and memories of Andy Warhol’s creation and life.

And other exhibiting artists …

Thank you for your interest and attention. It’s the end, but not FACTORY TOUR continues and will culminate …

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