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The Public Art Files – Port Townsend Boatyard

Port Townsend Bay 1934

Documenting public art in all its forms is a long standing hobby of mine. Even art crimes (graffiti) can fall into this category. I should probably refer to it as unsanctioned voluntary public art. Anyway, murals might be publicly funded or funded by private building owners. Sometimes the artist voluntarily asks to be allowed to paint one at their own expense. They certainly make places more interesting visually.

As you are about to turn left into the Port Townsend boatyard this historical homage to Port Townsend Bay is decorating a metal industrial building. Without it this building would be drab to say the least and possibly an eyesore. That is the beauty of public art. It belongs to everyone. It is seen by all who pass by and adds a little life to their everyday travels. 

photograph and text ©2019 – Howard Faxon

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