The power of a click: Popular styles of photography and how to get one done?

It may surprise you to know that professional photography comes with several genres that you can opt for as a professional photographer. You may want to shoot an image a certain way to capture a subject perfectly and the same goes for the other popular genres as well. But you should also keep in mind that if you are planning to specialize in one particular genre, you can always do the same – for example, you can specialize in portrait photography as it still happens to be quite popular as well. Anyway, below are some of the popular styles of photography that you may want to opt for.

  • Event photography: This is one of the popular styles of photography- a mere search online should help list out some of the top professional photographers who specialize in the same.  An event photographer would be expected to cover the event in detail, with wide angle shots as well as others, and he would be expected to be equally skilled in taking perfect images of the event and all the guests attending the same. An event photographer must have the requisite experience and expertise for he would be required to be quite skillful in taking perfect shots at little notice.
  • Food photography: You could always specialize as a food photographer; this can be a lucrative field and one where you would never be short of work. You would be expected to shoot close up images of various food items, to get the richness of details into the various images and ensure that your image stands out for the right reasons. In fact, several food companies, including restaurants often hire food photographers to shoot close up images of their various food products as part of their marketing drive. You can search online for food photography and this should give you a better idea of what this line of work mostly consists of.
  • Interior photography: You could also specialize as an interior photographer, where you would be hired by several real estate companies to shoot images of their various properties for their online and print portfolios. You would have to be well versed in lighting effects since you would probably have to use the same when taking images of the interior. You would have to ensure that the images are captured perfectly, which exposes the richness of the interior décor which should make the various images stand out for the right reason. Just search online for interior photography to know more.
  • Fashion photography: This is an interesting line of work, one that requires you to work in close contact with the various models. You would be required to attend various fashion events and take detailed and close up images of the various models as they walk up and down the ramp. It is essential that you use the right exposure and lighting effects for each of your images as some of them would be used for the portfolio by the company itself. It also happens to be quite a competitive niche, where your images would have to be exquisite and stand out from the lot. This is one particular niche that always sees a high demand for professional photographers and one that you can certainly take advantage of. But remember, you would have to be really skilled and talented in your line of work, to be considered as a fashion photographer. As one, you would never be out of work and everyone from magazines to companies would want you to cover their event.

These are some of the popular types of photography that you can specialize in – and naturally, it would take years of patience and determination before you become skilled enough to stand out in your particular niche.

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  1. It’s completely different to do what I do in photography which is more of a hobby for me and not as a vocation; but, I am very serious about making images and really work at it. While I enjoy the excitement of shooting life on the fly and adjusting quickly to situations and conditions I also do elaborate set ups resembling studio work. As a lighting designer I can’t help making little stages with lighting and hundreds of adjustments if needed. I mostly use these for abstract photography. Any of the areas have their own pressures and probably people are suited for different things. Expertise comes through study and experience I guess.

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