The pitch dark room – A handdrawn comic

Actually I love to create stories – be it drawing or writing … but I am obviously not skilled in both and often run out of inspirations…

The pitch dark room is actually from a series I started with the goal of making myself draw  – with my hands instead of relying on digital programs, and also share some thoughts I’ve at the moment… However, it failed; I often run out of ideas (I don’t feel much for things around me) or cannot produce the images I wanted …

Anyway, this is one of my favourite from the series. I’ve included numbers to hopefully help you read it better.


What do you think?


Written by alibb

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    • There is no need to feel sorry lacho59, I am glad you dropped by.

      But if you don;t mind, I’ll make type the text here:

      Panel 1 (numbered 1) have no text

      Panel 2: The room is pitch dark. It’s in total darkness. You couldn’t even see your own fingers.
      It’s so dark… No one can see others’ faces, expressions and body languages. That’s why they like the darkness … very much.

      Panel 3: The room remains pitch dark till…
      Mr. Grey enters…
      bringing a little glow around him

      Panel 4: Mr. Grey tries to blend in but…
      The people in the room hates his glow for revealing them.

      Panel 5: Mr.Grey is lonely…
      but he refuse to give up his glow …

      Panel 6: Frustrated by his glow, the people decided to gang up against him.

      Panel 7: The room is pitch dark once again…

      Last Panel: And Mr.Grey was never seen again…What happened to him?
      What happened in the room?
      Nobody knows… Nobody cares…


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