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The Pen Drops Rolls on the Floor scrambles my Poems for 80 Years More

The Pen drops

Rolls on the Floor

I scramble my POEM Words

for 80 years More

The Pen draws the Golden Egg

& down the Rabbit Hole

Must Grab it before the Rabbit

or Alice get Bold

Earth is shrinking

down to the Mold

O bring back

the Well of good Will

and dancing & prancing

of Old

See the Rabbit Hole

New Poems and Old

tumble and stumble

never tiring in the role

of New light and daylight

as POEMS from Earth

and others worth a Soul

spell the magic words

that Sing and Ring

and bring a sound

never before Told

The Horns from

far and Ever

Wake up the dreamers

in harmonies climbing the clouds

in the beat of Music Bold


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Written by Johndavisnearby

POEMS from Earth:
Scot Irish Czech BARD Hush little Humans-Don't U CRY Earth sings U a Lullaby Born HOUSTN TX Age 80 GEM Pic1985 Rear Apt 2227 South ST

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