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The Peace Message Through art Picture

An image affects more than many words, and based on this, Turkey’s artist ‘Ugur gallen’ featured two pictures in a profound scenario with two worlds and reached the world’s desire for peace.

Ugur is a photographer and graphic designer, expressing his views on various websites, Ogur said that he lives between the world’s dangerous and modern worlds and the difference between the two worlds seems to be in their work. He says he is keen for a peaceful future.

Ogur has connected pictures of two different worlds to express his desire and on the one hand, the scene of destruction is on the other hand, a prosperous world has been shown.

Ogur began to share his work on Instagram, his favorite pictures started becoming increasingly popular.

Ogur says he wants to highlight the importance of peace in front of the world with his pictures

Every picture has a message. Ogur does not give any title to his pictures while believing that.

Pictures of Ogur’s Collage rotate around the war and peace.

Ugur’s photos made so far have reached millions of people’s eyes and touched their hearts.


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