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The Only Secret

The fog is too thick

blocking eye reach

that’s how the secret of enveloping

fog of life’s journey

from where and where to go?

Why should it be held if it is eliminated later?

Why get gold and mud?

Why is that question unanswered?

At its root there is only one secret

The root of the tree of life

and we are just the leaves

which sprout and briefly yellow

then apart from the stem

floated down and drooped

ate by acid and melted by soil.

Ignore all the secrets

jump out

then reveal just one secret

springs of all secrets

a secret to realize

a truth of true tree of life

of the Everlasting Life.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Secret of Life series Secret 1, 2 & 3.


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    • Just a variation of the illustrations. Besides, I want to show the dark side, the hard-to-reach side of humankind in the waking state. The only side that can be entered through sleep, with almost no knowledge to be brought back to the condition awake, or through the adventure of the soul, through various forms of meditation.