The Mexican couple became Muslim after being influenced by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's favorite play

The Mexican couple Inspired by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s favorite Turkish drama serial ‘Dirilis Ertugrul‘, converted to Islam.

After accepting Islam, the Mexican couple said, We decided to convert to Islam by being inspired by the Turkish drama and humanitarian measures around the world.” When the Mexican couple converted to Islam, prominent Turkish actors gave the couple a Turkish flag, along with a gift of the Quran with  English and Spanish translation.

This famous play from Turkey tells the story of the pre-Ottoman Empire in Anatolia in the 13th century.

B e Clear A few days ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his desire to broadcast this Turkish drama on the Pakistan Television Network.

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  1. So it was a movie right? Odd. Then again everyone has truths they firmly cling to and then we go to war about “truth” seems like just the opposite of what religion is supposed to do. So do what you do, believe what makes sense to you and hope for the best in the end.


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