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The Loco-Motive

“In the shuffling madness

Of the locomotive breath,

Runs the all, time loser,

Headlong to his death. He feels the piston scraping

Steam breaking on his brow

Old Charlie stole the handle and

The train it won’t stop going. No way to slow down !”

‘Locomotive Breath’ by Jethro Tull

Anytime I’m working on modeling a Train that song and a few other Train related songs seem to run through my head. This started out as Steam, then I added a few combustion engines to it, and then a couple Turbines to take us to warp speed.

This was a four month Project off and on that just just keep growing. Many of my Machines are like that. I have a Bike I been adding to for over two years as well as a folder of unfinished works. I don’t think any of these are really ever finished. Unlike a piece of physical Art, I can go back in and make changes when I think of something new, or get inspired by something I see or hear.


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Written by woodywood143


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