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The Hero 3D Artwork

This was a very early work of mine. When I first started with 3D art, I was mostly doing Character creation. This was done in 1999.

The Warrior was created in Daz Studio. The Landscape and Sky with Bryce7. The props were created With wings3d and adjusted to fit in Bryce.

CGI has come along way since then, not only in the overall Visual presentation but in the Hardware we now use to render our works. This took Hours to render back in those days. Today with the PC I have built for myself, something like this takes mere seconds to Render.


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    • They have really upped their game with the new Victoria 7 Genesis character and the Iray render system. I saw a few renders that some of the experienced users have posted and it was difficult to tell if it was CGI or human. Although the program is Free, the addons and characters are very costly Ive seen a few of them top the $300 mark. To pricy for me. I use only Share ware or Open source programs for my work.

    • This is a mixture. The Male Figure was created and posed in Daz Studio. I saved the figure as a .obj file and Opened it with Bryce. The textures, landscape, sky and lighting were added with Bryce and the render was done with Bryce also.

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