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Monday, May 06, 2019

After noon yoga at the gym, I returned home to finish my laundry. Then, at 7 pm, I attended another Canon workshop. Elliott Clark talked about being an Apartment Bartender Photographer, which is basically a Drink Photographer, where your photo studio is your apartment, and your models are the different cocktail drinks that you make. He mostly uses natural lighting from a window. The four cameras he uses are iPhone, Canon Rebel T3i, 5Diii, and 1DXii. He uses four lenses to create different effects, which include 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.8, 24-70mm 2.8, and 100mm macro 2.8. He adds that it is important to make an investment in order to improve yourself.

During the Cocktail Drinks Photo Shoot, he tends to use three different shots for different effects. The Lifestyle Shot, Process Shot, and Styled Shot all involve storytelling.

The Lifestyle Shot involves telling a story by taking into consideration the atmosphere, ambiance, props, and the drink. The cocktail drink is the star of this scene.

The Process Shot involves telling a story by photographing the steps in making the drink. Photograph each step with different angles, straight-on shot, diagonal 45 degrees shot, and top-down flat lay. Take into considerations the lines and framing.

The Styled Shot involves using the Lifestyle Shot, but going beyond telling the story about this cocktail drink. Introduce something new about this drink. Shoot with intention in order to create your own unique style. It should be staged and planned, where the cocktail drink is dressed up to look pretty.

There is also lighting to consider. The two main lighting is natural and artificial. Artificial lighting involves off-camera lighting/strobes.

When photographing angles, focus on the drink and let everything else blur. Note lines and texture on the table or platform.

Add certain props with the cocktail drink to help tell your story. Note the texture and depth on the props. Layering in the scene adds depth.

Moreover, remember to add value and use storytelling as well as share consistent content and tips on Instagram. Target certain audience niche. And, create your Instagram story.

I have taken snapshots of different coffee drinks I made in the past. I could maybe be a Townhouse Coffee Shop Photographer or maybe my other hobby, Street Mannequin Photographer. I added photographs of different coffee drinks that I made in the past. My story is about using different glass cups for each coffee drink.


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