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The Dare Challenge: Pixabay Poem – HEY BIRD…



Hey bird how doin’?

My name is…

But you can call me Mr. Bee,

What’s your name?

I’d like to know your name…

Hey Bird,

See accidentally

I wandered into this territory

Cos the weather’s kinda raging

on the path to my way home

And I, I just need a hang out

for a while until the storm subsides…

What I’ve seen so far

is that these parts are quite splendiferous,

But you already know that right? Yeah

Erm…I know we just met and all

And er…I was just wondering

if, if  you wouldn’t mind taking me on a tour…

Yeah-yeah I know we just met

But I don’t know anybody here

And I really-really

don’t wanna tour by myself right,

If you go away now then,

then I might end up cold and lonely

That, that will be a crying shame…yeah

Yeah, that’s right.

Can’t you see electric eyes are everywhere

There’s a chance I could get violated

And that ain’t cool,

It’s just not right,

It just ain’t!

Are you mocking me?

Well quit that

Like Q.U.I.T. quit!

Alright, alright, alright…

Come on girl

You should know

My 1 and only friend up in here

is you. Only you,

So what you say?


Now that’s what talking about…

See you can show me your country

And at the same time

you can learn all about my domain.

You what I’m sayin’…

Do you mind if I sing?

Or hum, or something, while we buzz…

Hey Bird, check this out

‘Only you….

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil  


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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  1. The photo caught my eye first of course. Love those hummingbirds and they like to catch little insects in the air. And the poem. Wow you have a way with words. Then the song Only You. Love The Platters, now I am singing that song. A good one thank you Bradley.

    • The first best thing we can do for ourselves is to be our own best friend. After we learn to treat ourselves with love and respect then next best thing we can do is make a friend outside of ourselves.
      My brother you ought to know that I sing all the time everyday, no matter the mood. I learned to appreciate the gift of life through the gifts of art.

      • Everything you say is true!

        About singing, I can even hear the melodious sound of your photos! Hehe…

        Of enjoying life, there is nothing is more important than to appreciate the gift of life, through any means, but art is indeed flowing in our veins, and that is our commonality.

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