If music be the food of love

And poetry her enchanting lover

Then to this essence

we must dance…

Up and down the spine

When we feel the vibration

of this here collaboration

Through every word

By every note

We shall discover our soul’s inspiration…

We write the pages of our lives

by the choices that we make

When we free ourselves

to the magic of the moment

Through the genre of choice

Life will be a song worth singing…

From your body to my body

When your vibe and my vibe

creates a harmony in motion

We can breed dreams

that ride into the sunset…

If it’s still in the embryo

We’re yet to discover

way much more from the lover within

Balling to win

As our feet surrender

to the rhythm of the beats

We two shall find

there’s gold inside of the rainbow…

Meetings of the minds

will be the romance of all time

Tattoo yours in mine

My paw print’s in your heart

When we touch

It will be as nectar to the Gods

Now that we embrace

for the dance of life

Until the end of seasons

We can keep going

Again n’ again n’ again


Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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