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The Colour Crazy Challenge 2020- RED ORCHARD

I’ve decided to join the challenge by Kim – The Colour Crazy Challenge 2020. 

I’ve chosen the orchard because I’m fascinated by it’s delicate, exotic and graceful appearance. The orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Naturally me being me, I just had to go ahead and write a little something…?


Your elegance

Opulent thee rare

Such as a concerto

written in the key of Baroque,



How can I not be enchanted

by your pulchritudinous demeanor

Which is like a red velvet Merlot

layered with opalescent shades

of vanilla Crème,

Ah! if i never told you,

You are the fleur

The fleur of my garden

who has been kissed

by the lips of the Ariana,

In the fullness of winter

When your moon river

presides over the mountains

I would love see her reflection 

waltz upon your face,

You yes you

who is blessed by Grace

I’ll lie awake to watch you sleep

And in the morning

when you rise

Nothing will please me more

than to be the sunrise in your eyes,

Your elegance

of such passion en grandeur

How can I not be enchanted

by your pulchritudinous demeanor,


Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil                


What do you think?


Written by Bradley Tremmil

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