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The Color Turquoise Is All About WHAT?

The color Turquoise is one of great healing powers as talked about in this. Please click the link Information about the color turquoise,

While the color turquoise has healing powers as talked about from this link, for the mind and body. It is believed to help neutralized over acidity. This color is also believes to be an anti-inflammatory, and it also helps calm the mind and body to enhance communication skills.

But once again

Too much or too little of this color has its drawback. Please read from the link above and see why too much or too little of turquoise is not the best.


I knew someone that loved the color turquoise, and I was always confused why he was so egotistical. Well, the link information talks about how too much can cause egotistical behavior etc. Now, I understand why his obsession with this color did not benefit him like it could have.Too little of this color can cause paranoia as stated from the link.


Source-Link marked-about the color turquoise

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  1. Turquoise used to be my favorite color, but I matured and now my favorite color is blue and just plain white. I never knew that a color could bring on benefits or drawbacks. I know that the color red can bring on violence, the color black can bring on moodiness etc. etc. but turquoise, I never knew. But now I know better. Thank you for enlightening me and all the virylians on the color turquoise.

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