The Chawk Monsters

This one was fun to do, the characters are mine and a friend of mines. The one on the right belongs to my friend and as he was written he highly enjoys eating chalk, mine just drools and carries it on hand for her buddy. :’)

Come look me up on ( user name TheLovess) I’m taking suggestions for what to draw next or even subscribe to see some exclusive content in the future to help me make my way into and through character design school! If you like what you see over there message me either here or on minds about commissions or even give me some constructive criticism!


What do you think?


Written by TheLovess

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    • Thank you, the character on the right was designed by my friend on facebook and I made one to go along with it. He has a whole private discord group based on these monster species he came up with and I just had to make one<3

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