The Artists’ Mall

Tuesday, 12.5.17

I continue to work on going through my bank statements and analyzing my financial situation. And, there were some discrepancies, especially one check from Ace Hardware that wasn’t in the statement. It either wasn’t cleared by the bank or maybe it got lost somewhere, but it just seems to be missing. But, so far, everything else seems OK.

By 3 pm, I decided to go to The LAB Anti-Mall for an art meetup. I went early because I haven’t been to that mini mall in a long time, and I wanted to browse. When I arrived there, I noticed some stores have changed, and it also had different décor. But Urban Outfitters was still in that mall. There was an artsy mini studios for photographers and video bloggers, as well as a thrift store, barber shop, coffee shops, Gypsy Den, and restaurants. There were a couple of silver trailers made into cafes and stores. An orange VW vintage van was made into a décor piece. I took some snapshots. Then, I noticed that the time is 5 pm, and I decided to eat something at Gypsy Den. I chose the Dill Tada, which is vegan. It was good.

At 6:15 pm, 4 people from the meetup arrived, and we drew for a while, as we discussed ways to improve this group. Since it was cold and windy tonight, we decided to leave at 15 minutes before 9 pm. I suggested a change in this meetup’s time for during weekends and in daylight when it is warm because it might encourage more people to participate.

I think it is a quaint place for a casual hangout to discuss an art project and get a snack.


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