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The Aleutian Express Out of Water

The Aleutian Express pictured in the boatyard of Port Townsend, Washington.

I enjoy seeing ships out of the water to be repaired. There is something sculpturally pleasing about the shape when the whole vessel can be seen. The boatyard is constantly changing with boats coming in and out of the water frequently. It is like an art museum with constantly rotating exhibits and no entry charge. Each vessel is also unique like a fine art sculpture. They are named and have histories much like the provenance of a painting or sculpture. I find the histories of many of the boats very interesting. The timeline of ownership, location, and purpose are all documented. The Aleutian Express was built in 1913. When it leaves the boatyard it will be freshly painted and ready to again navigate the waters.

The boatyard in Port Townsend specializes in the building and repairing of wooden boats. Right now it is perhaps my favorite art museum.


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