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The Absolute

Our humanity is our earth. Because we live on earth is the absolute reality of us then it is not an option. If you are not willing to live on Earth, where will you move?

The Earth can swallow humans but humans can not swallow Earth. We know the reason because the earth is bigger than man. It is also an absolute, as is the absoluteness that the spiritual can swallow the body but the body cannot swallow the spirit. Why? Because spiritual is greater (and infinite) than human, even all human. Spiritual is the essence of man, then, spiritual is also not an option, because if you do not want to live in the spiritual, where do you want to move?

If we think that we can ignore spirituality and only glorify outer life as an option, then, it is just as we become idolaters with idols who refuse to be worshiped.

Being in the spiritual path is a way to purify yourself; restore awareness to true consciousness, higher self-awareness by releasing (or breaking free from) “glasses” – various paradigmatic points of view outwardly humanity. It is a process of spiritualization (not a religionization process as a group name and the methodology of way) by denying ourselves; deny our outward authority over all our humanity.

Albert quarreled with Widjojo because Widjojo had said that Albert’s nose was a pug. Albert was angry because he felt humiliated while Widjojo felt that he only said a reality even though indeed he thought it was worse than a sharp-nosed one. Who is wrong?

The paradigm in their heads! Various concepts; the concept of success, outward prosperity, happiness, faith, including the concept of religious truth, goodness, prosperity, and others. which has thickened our spiritual wrappings. Bias from the narrowness of their knowledge! Without it, they will not quarrel.

Being in the path is a process of self-transformation from an outward materials orientation to a spiritual orientation; from sugar orientation to sweet orientation, through one or another way.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Essence Series – On The Path.


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  1. Oh, you silver tongued philosopher, you make it sound so simple, and, I might add, used some pretty dynamic linguistics. The “hole”, I call it, that those material things are supposed to fill, is powerful. Very frightening for humans to relinquish anything of themselves to that, seemingly stalking maw of unending hunger. Better to have “things” to throw in it, you know, cars, clothes, addresses. It’s not until they fall, are pushed or put themselves into that abyss do they begin to see it’s merely a conduit to our own further realization of being. You say it so much better though..SpLaSh!


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