Yah love

One love


I go floetry

Came from a tree

Cide da with a twist

Fury in the fist

Lit with the wit

I do my bit

Something like a smith

I’m a killer with the word

So I heard,

Si I

Look to the Son brighter

I see

The rider of a herd

In spite of rumor’s plight

I make confessions

to my blessings,

Of flares n’ flames

Will I right her

Excite her


Write her?

That one in a mill

Just cos she’s a dove

I will thrill her

and fill her with love,

Birds of a feather

Together whether

any kinda weather

Ruddy the redder

Feet of clay hear here

I say hey

Tehillah I flow

Up a go

High I know

I know T,

To the T

For the T

Loving I be incroyable

So profound

at the round I say me

Born of a T

Raised by the T

For Tehillah tefillah,

Oh my oh me

I am you

And you are me

Brighter much brighter

than any moon or star

We are the Son

To be we

We need to see within

We are who we are,

I’m poetry

I go floetry,

Si there’s

So much Love in the Tree…                                                                                                   

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil                



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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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