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My T-shirt Design(s) no. 6

Hi all!!!

In my previous posts I was presenting you my T-shirt designs I made online on Represent, and now I will continue and show you the latest version(s) I made in 3 variations – three colors.

In a way, it is similar to my first and my fifth T-shirt design where I used the whole drawing too (it is also very similar to the Tote bag design I made using the same drawing only with the different text and message) but here I made some changes… – the drawing is smaller, it is also placed on the white background and I added the text, actually the colored word, under the drawing which is kind of meant to symbolize what is “missing” on the drawing – since the drawing represents only the certain detail of the face – portrait. Also, the whole composition of the drawing and the text can be “read” in a metaphorical sense…

I hope you will like it and tell me what you think and maybe which one of all the designs (no. 1 – no. 6) do you like the most…!

Thank you very much for visiting and enjoy!!! 🙂

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Note: All designs and my Represent online store are currently under reconstruction and redesign process so in case you are interested in the purchase you can contact me via message later or visit the link in one of my next posts where the link to my store and the direct product will be published!

Till then you can visit my Society6 online store where you can browse some of the other products that I designed using my artworks and of course art prints on paper too.

Thank you!!!

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    • I am really not sure… I haven’t sold anything there, unfortunately… :/ It is mostly a site for celebrities to sell their designs in order to earn for different funds but plain designers, unfortunately, don’t sell much… But you can certainly try it, maybe you manage to sell…! 🙂 Best!!!


    • Thank you very much dear Andrew!!! I’m very glad to hear that…! 🙂 Well, a long time for now, but I closed my store a while ago because is very hard to make a sale on that site (unfortunately, I haven’t had any actually :/), but I see many people like my designs so I’m thinking about producing them myself or making similar designs on some other sites where it’s not hard to make a sale… 🙂



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