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Beautiful the sunset,

Reflections of a crimson sky

off your pretty boo eyes,

What a beautiful sunset…

Although it will be cool

I don’t need no tropical island

Head up off your perfume

At me staring

I see my paradise…

Can’t help but drool

Right here right now

There’s mountains and a river

And all I can think about

is your valley of love…

In moments like this

Tho I need patience of the ancients

Your love is my love

When my love needs your love

It’s kinda hard…

Louder and louder

My clock is ticking

Gotta get you away

from this crowd


I’m taking all to myself

So this I have to tell you –

I’m feeling really-really special

Knowing that God was thinking of me

when he dreamed up

this design of you

And what’s more

That someone like you

only has eyes for someone like me…

Eloquent words I do not have

But I can show you my love,

When my planet hits your earth

Explosions of ecstasy shall be

When I mate love you’ll see

Into the universe a flight

Set the moon

and stars and sky alight

Baby we’ll be making history

When we mate love tonight…

Then after the orbit

we head on down to earth

As a perfume in the room

The ambience of the night

still setting as a falling dew,

It’s morning

Like red-red roses

reflections are a-dawning

The sunrise in your eyes

Your eyes they tantalize

And if there’s still fire

We cupper from the coffee pot…

Then when you’re ready to retire

Sailing sunrise to sunset

You can rock me off to sleep…

Copyright © 2018  Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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