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The Sunset pt. 5 – Rotation of the Photo no. 2

Hi all!

In my previous post I started presenting the fifth part of my Sunset photography series which I announced that will contain several subseries of photos…

I started with the photo that I found becoming very interesting when rotated, looking like the photo of the Earth (at least it’s one part) taken from space (you can read more about it in my previous post), so I tried that “trick” with another photo that seemed appropriate for that too. So there is the second photo and it’s rotation and the next time I will continue with the “normal” photos of this series…

Hope you will like it and enjoy!!!

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Note: In case you are interested in purchasing my photos or my artworks or prints of my artworks let me know and you can also check out my Society6 online store for prints and different products designed with my artworks on them.

Thank you!!!


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    • Thanks much, glad you like it…!!! Of course……..!!!!! I know, and understand, and it is how I’m doing too so no need to comment them all…..! I just meant you could let me know somehow and one comment would be certainly enough for that, like I did today when I sent you a compliment letting you know after opening some of yours…..! 🙂
      But I am thankful you commented some, suppose the ones you liked the most, so I’m very glad you like my work!!!!! 😀

        • I was thinking about your comment and I kind of thought it is nice that they gave the chance to the readers to earn the points when they open someone’s post as well , but now when I see some people are putting 20 pictures in their posts and there is also a chance to earn the points by clicking on the emoticons, I think there should be some points as well for the authors of the posts for sure…! Although authors can earn the points by voting on their own posts too… :/
          I also am not satisfied that the photos in our old posts which have held more photos inside are not visible anymore…!!!!! I hope they will soon fix that!!!!! Maybe I will make a poll or something like that about those changes…hmmm :/
          All best to you!!!!! 🙂

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