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Today I come to you with this special artwork recently created this past weekend. I was thinking of what would be my next artwork that I’m going to be creating. I was praying about it as well and then God showed me. He said simply: “Create Sunsets” I always have loved sunsets and the different forms of colors that paint across the sky.

This is art in itself. Each sunset is not like the next. I went to check and browse online to see if there were any images of sunsets. I came across all different kinds and I couldn’t wait to start painting them. Some came across as an ocean throughout the sky and others were bright with rays of the sun. It all made me think of creation and beauty in the universe. The wonder of art is that it can be created.

Sunsets are special because after a long day whether it be good or not it ends with a sunset. Setting in many different shades and colors it speaks to us of love. Love that comes from above and is given freely to us. God is love and in every way he freely lets us enjoy his beauty and the earth. I give you the thought: the next time you encounter a sunset or those warm colors across the sky it could make you think of a lot of things, your friends, a lover, things you cherish.. but think of God..think of him and everything you cherish as his gift to you and through a sunset you can say “thank you” you have been good to me.

Below are paintings of the sunsets:

 From sunrise to sunset, let the LORD’s name be praised! Psalms 113:3-9


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