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Street art – Nasimo’s graffiti /1/

Street art – Nasimo’s graffiti.

Nasimo or Stanislav Trifonov, as his name on the ID card, is difficult to fit into frames. He is a graffiti artist. Perhaps the best in Bulgaria. Its graffiti are not just inscriptions or incomprehensible patterns, but truly beautiful, huge paintings.However, it is far more important to say that he is an extremely spiritual person who sees his work as a way of giving knowledge to people. He has painted the world, but he considers the most important project in his life to develop his love for God. Because if he does, he will have reached perfection.

In his teenage years in his native town of Targovishte he drives a skateboard all day long. It is beyond him that he finds the graffiti, which he did not even suspect at that time. Gradually, he keeps himself so skewed, because both are expensive and he has to choose. The touch points between them lie in their rebellious spirit and in that both provoke you.

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