Storm raising, amazing this change

Wail, cry, the sky has churned. Storm raising, amazing this change, coloured blue, grey, flashing red, I see, none can compare this rolling wonder.

Wind blasting, drops slicing, striking opened face. Stinging when struck, now the choice, one that should have been made. Run, run, yes, seek cover, my body yells, though this covering pain, is nothing to this offered image.

I see, this portraiture, opening, changing before my sight. Colour raving, extracting, aye, I am captured. Lost within, this still splattering, coating my inner self.

Stay, never change, my new bond. Rival none, only this capturing of my sight. You, I have sought, your worth can and will not be judged. Only your rival, the sun can take this moments thought, balancing what is, offered, given to this old son.

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