Stop and Sit with Oscar Wilde

Let’s begin by checking what we already know. Oscar Wilde was a well-known Irish poet and playwright. He died in Paris, France in 1900. So you probably want to know how you can stop and sit with him for a while. Well, I will tell you and perhaps if you have a chance to go to London, England and do this perhaps some inspiration might pass on to you for your writing.

The first public monument to Oscar Wilde outside of Ireland can be found on Adelaide Street in London. The monument is known as “A Conversation With Oscar Wilde” and was created by Maggi Hambling and set up in 1998.

You can see Wilde’s head emerging from a base. His hand at present clutches at nothing because the cigarette which it originally held was stolen over and over again. This cleaver sculpture is also a bench so you can sit and chat with Wilde.

A most poignant saying can be found on the bench by Wilde – “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”. I just love this saying. Are you looking at the stars? I know I am no matter what happens they will guide me.


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