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Steampunk WIPs

Just some steampunk themed projects I’ve been working on. I was originally planing on doing a Lady Whyndam-Hill and her servitor kinda piece; that still might happen or I might split them out. It’s really too soon to say, so just enjoy where I am at right now I suppose. Whatever will be, will be…

#1 steampunk test

For some reason, whenever I do a helpful robot (as opposed to the kind which kills all humans) I always make it do the pose of the robot from Laputa. I don't know why, I just really like that pose...

By the way, there are no robots in the steampunk genre- only automatons

#2 dashing hat

A strange portrait of a lady in a dashing hat. I expect she's some sort of victorian adventuress, probably knows a Latin word that ends in the -trix suffix that she prefers to be called

As mentioned earlier, the automaton was meant to be her servant but it could just as easily be her opponent. Except for the fact that it doesn't look adversarial at all, does it?

#4 cyberpunk version

Now this is a robot. The glowing eyes really worked for the automaton but I don't know if they're working here. Anyway, this isn't even a steampunk picture it is for contrast


What do you think?


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  1. I don’t mind at all if you leave that cool robot to me for a while or forever. Whether old looking or one with fashionable looking, or both. If the lady in a dashing hat does not want to be left behind, she can also stay with me. My wife is used to living with other beautiful women, she will not be jealous.


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