Stale Stories-sequel

Need one tell you your stale stories

look at the utter rubbish and garbage

that you play around with

somebody becoming like someone else

(Howzzat! lol tribals at work with weak minds and it is some weird non-existent magic they owe this play to-if this was possible then all will aspire to become the richest folks in the world)

you paying someone at work

( How do you do that will the Federal Organization’s balance sheet ever tally if unexplained private payments were accounted for without a corresponding double entry)

Your different pathetic departments being run by varying corporations

(then how does the Fed/government owns all departments within this organization?)

you having private control of resources of organization and even appreciating merit per your private whims(some fools even claim that they can give only this much merit and no more as if they were personally buying merit and handing you over a bought product)

You taking me to some exotic foreign land as a part of your monkey-group(as if you owned that exotic land-once there FREE on pretext of victim you would find that this big player cannot even buy his daily provisions properly in that owned EXOTIC land)

Everything involving money needing a body job from you.(Reality is you talk big and do nothing ever like a dud-now, who would body job an UGLY sick duckling like you and catch CLAP etc)

You portraying all bigs and powerful of the world were at your beck and call via the poor victim( Reality is that even to meet staff of such powerful you have to wait in appointment for a week or more)

You playing an animal fetish game(like imagining you were monkies, lizards, flies and mosquitoes lol) and even befooling others saying you all were dead and were just souls(I cannot stop laughing here)

You misrepresenting that people who matter ‘did you’and you are now blackmailing them and they are overlooking your crimes of money stealing.

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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