Stairs slide sideways and the Wise walk on Air

Golden stairs slide sideways

Glide softly in the magic

of the SKY

LOVE drop here

a hope Pop there

Songs enchanting canting

new worlds Flare

Pop up and Hop up

a good deed will Dare

to take Good Men

and go anywhere

to ennoble  and enrobe

a Knight or a King

a General who in general

can brandish a sword

and bring words that Ring

and make the Land  Sing

a party a banquet

with fire works that declare

freedom is back

Honor and rule

with books as a Tool

to dream that no Fool

and only the Wise

will RISE

and walk on the AIR!


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

POEMS from Earth:
Scot Irish Czech BARD Hush little Humans-Don't U CRY Earth sings U a Lullaby Born HOUSTN TX Age 80 GEM Pic1985 Rear Apt 2227 South ST

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