Special Effects Lighting for Wedding Photography

Monday, March 11, 2019

This evening, I decided to go to the Canon workshop about Wedding Photography. Photographer Ning Wong talked about lighting a wedding, as well as working with different lighting issues at different wedding situations. He also does videography.

  • It is recommended to use Canon 600 EX-RT Speedlites, and use 4 of these speedlites with your camera because it is fast.
  • Use a Magmod modifier system, which costs about $150 to $250.
  • Demb Big Flip-It modifies light and bounces light. Attach it on the flash to create a soft lighting effect.
  • LED lighting is used to adjust light colors. It is also used for video lighting, which creates interesting effects for wedding photography.
  • LED Wand looks like the Jedi sword, and comes in different colored light. It costs around $90 to$100. It is magnetized. Consider the brand Youngnuo, and it is used for changing the light colors for dramatic effect, like in nightclubs.
  • Reflector
  • Lighting Gels are used to balance color.

It is recommended to shoot photographs in manual mode, as well as use standard sync.

Wedding Photography Checklist:

  • Shoot some photographs with the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom in the hair and makeup room.
  • The bride should be seated on a high chair or bar stool.
  • Take photographs of wedding details and establishing shots, such as bride’s shoes, bride’s wedding dress hanging against a nice background, bride’s bouquet, wedding accessories, wedding cards, place cards, table settings, floral centerpieces, ice sculptures, chandelier, film screen or entertainment, wedding cake, party favor, candles, wedding rings, etc.
  • Take nighttime photographs with dramatic lighting. Use Grids to create moody photographs.
  • Use low power on flash.
  • Use f/8 or f/5.6

At the Reception:

Use a Light Wand to match lighting. Place this light wand on a stand. He used red-orange light in a demo, and the whole room looked red. Consider a Magmod 24 OCTA. Place your flash on a stand, and place this stand in a corner. He adds that sometimes he uses two or three flashes on stands, each placed at a different corner around the bride and groom. Use a bare flash, which is a flash without colored gels, but with a attached Magmod. He also uses an orange gel for special effects.


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