Spartan – WIP

Spartans were the tough guys of the ancient world, they totally dominated the bronze age and were both feared and respected by friend and foe alike. Best known for their sacrifice in the battle of Thermopylae

“Go, stranger, and to Sparta tell, That faithful to her laws we fell. Tell Sparta, stranger passing by, that faithful to her laws we lie…”

#1 work in progress

Even though he isn't wearing his crimson chlamys, we can still tell he is a Spartan by the lambda embossed on his hoplon. But don't worry, I will most likely give him their infamous cloak for the final version

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  1. Herodotus wrote of their dress, culture and customs. He also told you about the type of oil they used. It doesn’t matter who he met, he learned everything he could about the type of oil they had, how they refined it and what it was good for…

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#2 rough sketch

Just a rough sketch of my Spartan to figure out the lighting scheme. This is madness! THIS. IS. VALUE!!!

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  1. It is said that Spartan girls were given equal portions of food with their brothers which was pretty enlightened in those days…or even here in the US when I was growing up. My brothers were always given more food than I was!

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